America Is A Company Where People Are Employees

And Most Millenials Are Roommates

People in America, especially Millenials, are entry-level workers who live in a company-sponsored housing. You get enough paid to survive, but not enough to do anything else. And you lose the company-sponsored housing if you don't work for a week. (paycheck to paycheck).

Imagine if Amazon owned a country?

Photo by Anthony Beck from Pexels

The entire system would be designed so that everyone comes back to work every Monday morning. And since its a company, why would their executives want an employee to rise up? They got there by stepping onto someone's head anyways…since that's the only way left — By Choice. Apparently one person wants (can have) everything…at least in its head. And the checks and balances system? — what is that anymore?

What would that system look like?

— No College- (Knowledge is power — not in amazon land)

— No Health care (A stress-free, healthy mind and body can think — But not in amazon land)

— Divide and rule. (Keep them violent and fighting with each other — total mental occupancy)

Mission Accomplished!!

Now, Let's rephrase it.

Unaffordable college

Unaffordable Health Care

Divisive Politics

Sounds familiar?

Not Convinced Yet?

Imagine when the country leaders speak to the people — Now, compare it to your team-building address at your work.

But wait…Do you say there are rules and laws?

Remember last time a wall street guy went to jail? enough said.

Remind me again which country is the richest country in the HISTORY OF THIS WORLD?




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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