Every day is “take your dog to work day”

Kumar. T
4 min readJun 27, 2020

So many things to know about this day and more

Could there be a better idea to have fun than taking along your furry buddies to your workplace! It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But pinch yourself, for “National Take Your Dog to Work Day” has been in vogue ever since 1999!

It’s true! This special event is celebrated every year on the Friday following Father’s Day celebration, and this year, it fell on June 26.

What is “Take Your Dog to Work Day” (TYDTWDay)?

As the name suggests, instead of leaving your pets at home, your happy pooch gets to tag along with you to your office this day! And if you don’t have one, well, fret not, for you get the privilege of playing with the awesome four-legged creature as he occupies the workstation next to you.

Initiated by Pet Sitters International (PSI), a database dedicated to professional pet sitters and dog walker who offer free-of-charge services, TYDTWDay kicked off in 1999, with the goal and vision “to celebrate the great companion's dogs make and promote their adoption,” as explained in their website. This golden opportunity is availed by pet parents every year while “the non-pet owners are able to witness the special bond their co-workers have with their pets firsthand and be encouraged to adopt a new best friend of their own.” Incredibly, the very first year of the launch, this event was adopted by 300 businesses!

How to celebrate TYDTWDay?

Well, just as you shower your loved ones with special gifts and gestures, you spoil your furry friend by spending the entire time with your pet at the comfort of your office, lavishing him with all the love and attention he deserves from you, your bosses and your colleagues. Enlisted here are some of the popular and guaranteed ways to winning his licks, tail wags, and affection.

Make your office space dog-friendly!

You can, of course, decorate your office with balloons and streamers, but more importantly, you need to make your office space- pooch-friendly by ensuring there are no running or exposed wires around, and any fragile or chewing objects for that matter.

Also, don’t forget to pack his tiffin box and water bottle along with yours!

Give your dog all that is drool-worthy!

As a pet parent, you know what your dog loves! So, pamper him with his favorite treats and delicacies, the toys he loves to fetch, and dig his teeth in!

Throw in some furry surprises!

Who doesn’t love surprises! Get your pooch’s tail wagging with a surprise party with his favorite bunch of woofers. You can even turn it into an extravaganza by holding contests and crowning the lot- “the laziest dog” “the loudest barker” and more.

Later, you can get him to relax with some comforting grooming and massages.

Educate your officemates on pet adoption!

While this special day is all about having fun, it is also a day for taking positive action towards pet adoption. So, one of the ways to commemorate this day is by talking to your office colleagues about local homeless pets, pet adoption centers, and the benefits of owning pets. You can even invite professional pet sitters and dog walkers to talk on these subjects and encourage pet adoptions.

What are the benefits of holding TYDTWDay?

A 2018 dated article in The Independent reported that in the United States, celebrating this day not only increases the chances of finding a forever home for the 6.5 million animals, but it also benefits the employers and customers.

Chanda Leary-Coutu, director of the consumer experience for Wellness Natural Pet Food further told The Independent: “Not only are there proven benefits of having pets at work, like lowered blood pressure, lessened anxiety and increased physical activity, but it also helps attract and retain employees, especially among millennial workers.”

How to celebrate TYDTWDay in Lockdown?

Simple! Let your dogs take over your zoom meetings and social media accounts! Yes, it is their moment to shine, so dress them in their best Sunday outfits, or have them pose with their favorite toys and snacks and bedazzle your colleagues at the meeting, and have the world drooling over their selfies in your social media pages!

That is exactly how this year’s TYDTWDay was celebrated as the canines took the net by storm. And if you are moping over the fact that you missed this year’s TYDTWDay, you can still choose a day and celebrate your canines with all the wonderful activities we have enlisted here. So, have fun and give your pooches all the love and attention that they deserve! Woof!