Gamestop- Key to close the wealth gap. “People’s Hedge Fund”

Wall Street Hedge funds are nothing but an official Reddit group.

Let me ask you one question-

What makes Walltreet traders so rich?

All the billions the hedge funds are making — Do they manufacture something? Perhaps a product? Or you might think…may be a service?

The answer is — — An astounding NO.

Sure, they are “supposed to” manage other people’s money as part of their existence. But…do they?

To put it simply… Their business model is “supposed to be” — researching and finding the rising establishments of our community i.e with a promising future and invest in it. — Which btw are all products of years worth of hard work.

So, rewarding the establishment by giving them capital, with the agreement of sharing future profits — Is what creates a fair and balanced system. A win-win for all. Or so is “supposed to be” their business model.

But what happens when a “hedge fund” becomes so powerful, instead of doing “what they are supposed to” — They start to manipulate the market — by faking the supply and demand? Creating a false illusion of decline or success of an establishment etc?

Ruthlessness goes beyond any moral grounds —Sinking a company? Heck…how about a country? Remember 2008?

So when does simple investing , turned into a “make money…hook or by the crook scheme?” with no consequences?…. Did I say “crook”?


So, now comes the Gamestop thing.

What the “hedge funds” have been doing since forever — was done by an online group — by simply uniting and shelling pennies that they had and filling up the pot with little drops of whatever they could afford — just enough to influence the demand of a particular stock.

Of course… it's bad news for “hedge funds”. Since when a common man is allowed to make money like how they do it? Who would want to work 9–5 every day for a wage not enough to even afford an apartment?

Money makes money.

Working for money is good. But investing in others' success lets you reap the benefits of sharing their success. And that's how wall street works.

How is it going to fill the wealth gap?

The Game stop frenzies have opened a door for a common man to earn money the same way as the thousands of millionaires and billionaires have made. I call it

a “People’s hedge fund”.

The power of the internet and the ease of trading from anywhere and anytime have opened new possibilities — which is a huge scare for the rich and a tremendous opportunity for a common 9–5 worker.




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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