Giloy- A Magic Drug No One Wants To Talk About.

Drug Companies Can’t Patent It. Improved COVID Survival Rate Drastically.

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Giloy- The Medicinal Nectar of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is more than 5000-year-old, and it is one of the oldest forms of medicines that is deeply embedded in the Indian Vedas and scriptures. Ayurveda is based on the five core elements of the universe i.e., air, water, fire, earth, and space. As per Ayurveda, the human body has three Doshas-




The composition of each dosha varies in each human being, and they help in determining the personality and physical traits of human beings. Ayurvedic herbs and spices like Ashwagandha, cumin, turmeric, licorice root, Gotu kola, Giloy, etc. offer numerous health benefits.

Giloy, also known as Guduchi or ‘Amrita’ in Sanskrit, is a revered and effective ayurvedic herb. Guduchi means the one who protects, and as the name indicates, it plays a vital role in protecting your body from various infections. It tastes bitter and has a slightly pungent aroma. It helps in restoring the balance of all the doshas in the human body.

Tinospora Cordifolio i.e., Giloy has plenty of medicinal properties. It is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and anti-arthritic properties besides boosting insulin production. The advantages and healing properties of Giloy have been acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

No Side Effects

This ayurvedic herb doesn’t have any harmful side effects. The consumption of Giloy either in powder, syrup, or capsule format, can help you detox your body and boost immunity.

Here are some of the benefits that make this herb as medicinal nectar of Ayurveda

Helps to control diabetes

‘The root of immortality,’ i.e., the roots of Giloy are efficient in controlling type-2 diabetes. In Sanskrit, this ayurvedic herb, also known as ‘Madhunashini’ which means ‘slayer of sugar.’ The consumption of this magical herb helps to reduce and control the blood sugar levels as it efficiently helps to burn surplus glucose in the body. Besides this, it also improves digestion that has a significant role to play in controlling diabetes.

Helps to treat chronic fever

Giloy can eradicate recurrent fevers as it boasts of antioxidation properties. Giloy is known to possess antipyretic properties that can increase the symptoms of various threatening diseases like swine flu, chikungunya, dengue, malaria, etc. As the properties of this herb are known to increase the blood platelet count, it can reduce the signs and symptoms of dengue. Besides this, the combination of Giloy with raw honey can work wonders to treat malaria.

Helps to boost immunity

One of the significant advantages of Giloy is that it increases the immunity of the human body. It has numerous antioxidants that help keep the cells strong, healthy, and prevent the body from radical damage. It purifies the blood and aids in fighting bacteria present in the digestive tract, urinary system, and liver. This universal herb is also used to treat several cardiac problems and infertility issues.

Helps to improve digestion

If you want to enhance your digestion and address any bowel-related issues, Giloy is extremely helpful. For efficient results, it is advisable to consume a spoon of Giloy powder with amla regularly to improve the digestion of food. Giloy is very beneficial in treating constipation as well. Besides this, you can take this herb and another natural herb like tulsi to improve digestion and overall health.

Helps to reduce anxiety

Giloy possesses adaptogenic properties that help to alleviate chronic problems like anxiety, depression, and stress. Besides this, it helps to relax the nerves and relieve stress hormones. Giloy powder is one of the essential ingredients in many medicines that help to reduce anxiety.

Helps treat arthritis

Giloy is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties, which aids in curing painful diseases like arthritis and joint pain. For efficient results, it is advisable to consume Giloy powder with warm milk to treat different types of arthritis-like Gout, Lupus, Psoriatic arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis.

Besides this, the consumption of Giloy can also maintain a healthy heart, treat skin ailments, prevent premature aging, boost blood circulation, and the list goes on.


If you can lay your hands on Giloy plant, then you should use the stem as it is a great medicinal property. Take a part of the stem, boil it in two glasses of water, and imbibe it when it is lukewarm. It is an excellent health tonic, and it can be consumed daily. Besides this, there are numerous Giloy based products like juices, tablet, powder, etc. that you can easily purchase from any medical store.

To sum it up

The benefits of Giloy are immense, and this universal herb is experiencing glory and acceptance all over the world. Even researchers and experts from the western medicine world have also applauded the medicinal properties of this herb. It is rightfully said that Giloy is one of the most versatile, popular, and the medicinal nectar (Amrit) of Ayurveda in modern times. As you now know the various benefits of this magical herb, consuming it regularly can definitely help to improve your overall health.




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