Hertz just took down Tesla

Starting with 100,000 vehicles

Tesla is not just a car for most. Its also a statement. Which allows people to stand out and amplifying their environmental beliefs by owning an exclusive luxury Electric car — for which they are willing to shell out that extra cash. Which also helped Tesla immensely in its inception days up until now.

Last month, Hertz ordered 100,000 Tesla vehicles, which is a mojor step forward in the electric car rental revolution. Hertz is even featuring a commercial boasting their fleet of Tesla’s with Tom Brady in it.

The Good side

This story has much good too. Good in ways, that would allow regular people like me to experience a tesla drive in a much more personal way — feel to drive a Tesla will surely encourage more people to go electric.

Positive Environmental impact- Which is self-explanatory in itself.

Not in the benefit of Tesla.

Dawn of the electric car revolution — every car company is in the works of rolling out multiple electric models. Most already share a major portion of the market.

But there are many other brand new companies too, who wants to cash in on on this revolution. With some really impressive designs and capabilities, making sure to give Tesla a run for their money in upcoming future.

Testla -A common car.

Being the major car of the biggest car rental company, will surely give an advantage to the Hertz business -

Low maintenance cost, less moving parts and longetivity of vehicles will also allow the rental car companies to keep their cars for much longer time in their fleet then what they are used to.

Bad for Tesla.

As soon as Tesla becomes a common rental car, the appeal among who considers tesla as a statement… will fade away. Which, not to forget, are mostly wealthy individuals who were among the first buyers of Tesla and helped Tesla be what it is today. Importantly, this will also impact the long term sales of Tesla cars since they wont be replaced as often.

It will also allow other car rental companies to opt in the same rout once they see the success of hertz, and possibly going for cheaper electric cars from Tesla rivals.




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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