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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

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Why We Do What We Do?

In America, It's safe to say that, most people don't have the problem of sleeping hungry, however, there are still some people who go to sleep hungry, but NOT MOST.

And a decent percentage have their own homes and they have a guaranteed amount of cash flow to fulfill their food and shelter needs for the rest of their lives with minimal work. So, they should have a happy life…shouldn't they?


It turns out that the more money you have, the more unhappy you feel. Now, before you jump onto giving me reasons that money is not happiness, but it can buy happiness, let me clarify one thing — Having money does not teach you to be happy.

A happy person can have money and be happy, but a sad person cannot be happy just by having money.

Happiness is the state of mind. Its the feeling of satisfaction from life itself. Because life itself is the biggest opportunity one can receive, and if you are not happy being alive, then nothing in this world can make you happy.

In fact, there is another thing that's happening around. The more facilities and convenience people are getting the crazier they are getting.

We live in the most privileged time in human history and who thinks that it's not enough, then nothing would be enough for them.

Our mind is very good at forming habits. And you know the worst habit a mind can form is? — Is to have a reason or excuse.

An excuse is something that a mind develops when it wants you to stop doing something. And its a very powerful habit. And most excuses are created not by a lazy mind, but by a fearful mind.

Anything new requires a change and change in nature is fearful. But that is why, as humans, we have the ability to overcome those fears and grow within this lifetime. But some never get over that fear, then to make themselves feel better, they create excuses. Which then becomes a strong habit that becomes very hard to break.

Now, having said that,

Elon Musk is the example of crazy —

Now, lots of you are again going to be angry with this statement. But let me explain.

First, we need to realize that we — humans are much more capable of what we measure ourselves by. That means people measure the level of smartness by silly things like being able to build a rocket or earning money.

Today, its rocket, tomorrow it can be something else. But let me remind you, it is not the requirement to live neither to be happy. It's just being crazy.

You need to realize that you are capable of doing so much, but just because you can does not mean you should.

You have limited time on earth — if you are lucky, so spend it wisely.

When you are dead, you are dead. It's your ego that tells you that somehow you will be there you enjoy your achievements after you are dead. And then you become happy just thinking about it. Other people have religious fantasies. But its all just EGO…nothing more. Which is the biggest hindrance in living your life.

Your life is your life —

You don't need to do anything. All you have to do is just be good to yourself. By appreciating and celebrating life, being in the moment and not letting any moment pass by unlived. You don't have enough time on this planet earth to be distracted with all the things, the so-called dreams, and bullshit. Just live today, because there is no guarantee that you will be alive tomorrow.




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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