Fashion- Before Anorexic, now XXL?

Story Behind Fashion Industries Extreme Choices

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

When we don't accept what it is — that's when change happens. Making something acceptable reduces the motivation to bring that change.

Change is not mandatory, neither one should do just because of societal reasons, but only because they genuinely want to.

That being said, being obese is not something to be proud of.

Americans are dealing with a silent pandemic called “obesity”. And not to mention the effects it's causing on the overall health of people. From mental to physical.


This is an image of a circus obese person only about a few decades ago, – people paid to see that body structure, but now it is normal. And one of the predominant reasons that people are obese is because they are eating more than they are burning off, the quality of food they eat e.g- frozen, cheezy, sweet, etc.

So, its definitely is a societal issue which we need to tackle.

There could be many ways to go after solving this crisis, but glorifying is not one of them.

There is a reason why an obese person does not feel good, is because the human boy is not designed to tackle that extra fat on the body. But making it acceptable is like glorifying any disease.

It's “RIGHT” to make someone feel better when they are sick, but it's “NOT RIGHT” to tell them that being sick is ok. — We need to be helping each other out with our issues, whether it be Mental or Physical.

We need to be fighting this disease of obesity as a whole nation and not diminish the importance of losing weight.

Ever Wrong Ways of Fashion Industry

The Fashion industry always seems to adopt an extreme way in order to address their own issues. They used to go for anorexic models way(which was a wrong body representation), now they are adopting the XXL or plus-size thing.

Fashion has the power to change how we see us. And I am certain that we do not want to see us like that.

Being XXL is another side of being super skinny. It's one and the same thing. It is not natural. And it will for sure not make you feel good in any way.

This is what we do as a society, instead of understanding, we go for the opposites. — Oh, this is not acceptable anymore? let's go in the other direction. It's as stupid as what was.

Every problem has a solution and it needs to be something which is beneficial for everyone, and which would bring out a positive change in society, not the other way around.




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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