Money Streams I started in 2020 from my bedroom during the quarantine.

With NO skills or abilities, I was able to start these 3 businesses.

I am over 30 years old and hadn't hit a success road yet. I don’t have any skills that would allow me to work from home either. The business I work for is shut down due to COVID.

My sheer lack of confidence — I see all the young people in their teen years and early 20s with astounding abilities creating opportunities for themselves online. Then I looked at myself — I saw a failed person who pretty much has passed his 20s without learning any skill that could be of any monetary value.

I always had hoped that one day I’ll have an “aha” moment inspired by some “quote” or “person” or from just my dire circumstances.

In my imagination, I saw myself achieving some sort of professional success before 30, but that didnt happen.

When the lockdown began

I was in my room sitting in front of my computer screen thinking…

life is passing by every day and I am not showing any signs of improvement at anything. So I just said to myself — “duck it” (btw change the “D” to “F”). I suck at everything, so let’s do some sucky things…what do I got to lose?.

Coming up with Ideas

It is difficult to choose what you can do. So I made a list of things which expects practically zero scholarly abilities and were progressively about inventiveness and creativity.

The first thing that I came up with —

Podcast- took me days to record my first podcast.

So, I am extremely judgemental about the stuff I do. Consider it an absence of certainty, low self-esteem… everything will be essentially precise. I have never gotten an expected return in anything I did, so I give up quickly when things get frustrating.

I would record, write, then re-record, and eventually just leave it frustrated. I would carry the guilt of leaving the task incomplete. The longer I avoided it, the more guilt-ridden I would become. But to the miracle, eventually, I was able to finish it. Had I not been so critical about myself, It would have taken literally “minutes” to record and upload my podcast. Later I even recorded an episode on “How to start a Podcast !!!!IN MINUTES!!!! CRASH COURSE!! . If you would like, here is the link. — -I did it.

Dropship Store- Selling t-shirts and other merchandise online.

I always had some ideas and designs in my head, Since I couldn't draw, they always remained in my head. To be frank — most of them are still in my head. So I thought, there must be a market for ugly t-shirts? Was to my surprise, there is. So maybe I can create something ugly and hope that someone might want that…who knows? I said duck it again to myself and went for it.

I was online looking for ways to where and how I could do that. Amazingly, I discovered so many things and tools in the process which I didn’t even know existed.

There is a website called not sponsored), which made it so convenient to design, since all I had to do was — drag and drop elements and tell the software to export it for the T-shirt design. And that was pretty much it. Had I known this, I might have started this thing long

Writing on Medium.

— There is a reason I am a college dropout.

Things are never interesting enough for me to involve myself in for long before I jump onto the next.

Anyways…I thought that I can still utter words and I do have some stories, views, opinions, and experiences…since I am sitting duck, btw this time it really is “duck”, — why not just force myself to put them out on paper? Who knows? Someone might just dislike it so much that they might just read it as to why this guy is even trying to write?

Back in my head…all the motivational things started to float. Quotes like… “Doing is important”. Although I don’t have any proof of that…since I did nothing noteworthy nor did I ever complete things I began. So I thought, let’s just see how this theory works. So here I am telling you my stories.

So the moral of the story is —

……………………………...…Just do it…………………………………




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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