There Won’t Be Any Equality in This World Until We Fix This?

A Disease To Be Powerful And Dominant And How Do We Fix That?

Acknowledge it or deny it, in all actuality, there are 2 kinds of individuals,

1- Who wants to assert their Power and Be dominant.

2- Victims of the above kind of people.

An urge to be powerful is the biggest display of weakness

Allow me to clarify… however, first — Cruelty.

An activity by one, which influences other people or things antagonistically. — What’s more, when one attempts to impact others’ lives against their will, is probably the cruelest thing — btw That is additionally dominance in a nutshell.

Try not to get mistaken for “willful surrender” — foreplay between consenting individuals. Also, read “Followers make a leader” in my next article.

Nothing will be fathomed just by toppling dominant individuals. It is anything but an individual, it's a societal issue. On the off chance that you expel one, there will be another to have its spot.

Dominance Isn’t Selective To Any One Culture, Race, Or Religion.

There are menaces, victimizers, decisive, dread mongers in each gathering of individuals. Regardless of whether it’s a little gathering called “Family” or a bigger gathering called “nation”.

Those individuals are framed each day. Generally by guardians and furthermore by society. So if something is in steady creation, how might you get rid of them?

NO Dominance=NO Supression

Types of Dominance

Dominance isn’t simply physical. It is to make others feeble and dreadful. Since there is nothing that can be more obliteration to an individual at that point dread. One of the greatest dread is financial dread.

Dread prompts mental pressure

Drawn out pressure prompts mental issues

which keeps you powerless and dependent.

It is finished by keeping individuals denied essential necessities and having them to stress over their next check throughout the day consistently. it is the greatest dread of all.

“We see whats somebody is doing it, however, we neglect to perceive any reason why they are doing it? It is safe to say that we are in any part liable for that? What would we be able to do to change that?”

I am bewildered by the idea that renaming “desire” to “dreams” and afterward making it an emblematically excepted type of respectability?

We instruct kids that you need to accomplish something in this world… which is inferring that whatever you are — isn’t sufficient. — To which, it makes a “hole” inside a youngster's brain that “he is insufficient” which no miserable can fill. Its the principal harm we make in a guiltless kid.

We are likewise so deadly in our promise that we don’t leave it until it is set in his honest cerebrum. By letting him know the “now what your desire to seek that completion is your dreams and afterward just on the off chance that you accomplish it would cause you to feel better.”

Remember, feeling good or pitiful is all in one’s head. A child is born content in simply being. In any case, since we are ignorant of what we are stating, we create similar issues what we are enduring, inside our kids

A Vicious cycle. —

The most power-hungry individuals are the most fragile individuals intellectually. Presently we have made an opening in a youngster that he should pursue things to cause him to feel better, that kid will undoubtedly grow increasingly mental issues. We are truly adept at concealing our issues

Dreams- let somebody pursue things all life. In light of the fact that regardless of what that individual accomplishes materialistically, it doesn’t satisfy them. Which makes greater insanity. The gap continues to get greater and greater.

Change Starts with You — Margaret Mead

So this craziness to achieve so much is nothing but the attempt to fill that hole which will never be filled Unless-

— It is understood.

You needn’t bother with anything. Your “expectation” is produced, as an issue. On the off chance that you consider it to be an issue and work on it, that would be the correct way. Which will likewise draw out a positive change in society.

Since face it-On this planet, there is sufficient that nobody could go hungry, or parched or without cover. In any case, the absurdity to fill the entire containers a monstrous want to get all, which is additionally in your head — All was here before you and will be hereafter you.




I am no one.

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Kumar. T

Kumar. T

I am no one.

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